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link 2.15 with JS for dos it's out (Announce)

posted by roytam(R), 07.05.2018, 00:33

> > Great News!
> > Has anyone tested the new version yet? Particularly the javascr***... I
> > know it's way too old, but does it actually improved anything? Are there
> > any basic things Links used NOT to do that it does now via javascr***?
> > Right now I cannot use my DOS machine connected to the internet.
> > Thanks.
> Not really. A brief try (a week or so ago) of Google Groups didn't show any
> effect. I'm not really surprised.
> On a different note, the old 2008 DJGPP build of Wget seems to have
> recently stopped working on some sites (notably, and
> due to SSL problems. Even Kostylev's 2017 Curl build doesn't
> really seem to work. (Fiddling a bit with switches didn't really help.)
> But Links2 does seem to still work on such sites, so that's good.
> I would still like some kind of automated tool. (Can Links2 download
> without prompt? Bah, need to read the manual closer.) Kostylev did build a
> newer Wget (2017), but I haven't tested it much (and the config file is
> different, or at least different location). Maybe I need to try rebuilding
> Curl myself.

because github stopped supporting TLS 1.0/1.1. You need a SSL/TLS support backend that supports TLS 1.2.


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