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RxDOS release? (Announce)

posted by roytam(R), 20.05.2018, 01:20

> > Thanks.
> > Do you plan to release updated RxDOS binaries?
> I don't currently have access to any hosting. If Robert wants to upload
> something, I could prepare an archive.
> It's still some way from being usable though; filesystem redirector support
> is entirely missing, initialisation doesn't relocate data structures yet
> (they sit at the top of low memory), some initialisation structures aren't
> deallocated yet (also at top of low memory), [Rx]CONFIG.SYS processing
> doesn't detect and report errors properly, RxCMD doesn't swap out its code
> segment (and it generally receives less attention on my part), an init PSP
> isn't used yet, sector sizes other than 512 bytes aren't properly supported
> yet, cluster sizes are only supported up to 32768 bytes.
> Some things that I already did: DOSCODE to HMA, to UMA, or to LMA
> relocation, DOSDATA to UMA or LMA relocation, UMB linking and usage,
> setting up the CDS with 32 entries early on, full RPL/RPLOADER support,
> full LBA32 support, booting as a single-file kernel.

doesn't bitbucket providing space for binaries?


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