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Multi Kernel bootdisk (Miscellaneous)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 11.09.2018, 00:18

> I'm Nico and this is my first post,


> I would like to share one of my personal project,
> a multi kernel boot disk, with 15 kernels.

Manual instructions or patches are probably wiser than full download.

> Tested with 86BOX.

Never used it personally (yet?), but I've barely heard of it.

> - LZ-DOS 7.1

aka, Lempel-Ziv-compressed MS-DOS 7.x ("unofficial" modification)

> - PC-DOS 7.1

Is that the unofficial one with FAT32 support? From Server Scripting Toolkit or whatever?

> - MS-DOS 8.0

From Windows ME? "EBD" (emergency boot disk) in (e.g. Win7's) DISKCOPY.DLL?

> - PTS-DOS 7.1

Is that even sold online anymore? AFAIK, shareware. Is this the FAT32 version?

> - ROM-DOS 7.1

Still sold online (IIRC, $55 USD).

> - Novell DOS 7.01

aka, OpenDOS (non-commercial only)

> - FREEDOS 1.2

Kernel 2042? (GPL)

> - MS-DOS 7.1

aka, from Win98 (commercial)

> - DR-DOS 8.1

Not a true release, mostly same as 7.03 (last full release, AFAIK)

> - OPENDOS 7.01

Okay, isn't this the same as above (so-called Novell 7.01)?

> - EDR-DOS 7.01

Which one? There were several releases of EDR, last stable was from 2011, right?

> - MS-DOS 7.0

aka, Win95, is there much difference between 7.0 and 7.1? (AFAIK, no)

> - WMAT-DOS 9.0

Never heard of this one!

> - DR-DOS 7.03

Still sold online ($79 USD). Good DOS, I used it for several years (but has some hardcoded limits and somewhat old).

> - MS-DOS 6.22

Last standalone release from 1994. Classic but doesn't support FAT32 (but neither does DR-DOS 7.03).

> All credits goes to the people who made the tools, I deserve nothing, I
> just arrange things together.

Instructions and patches are okay, but I don't think linking to such software is okay (for most countries, e.g. forum's owner lives in .de and similarly USA is quite strict, not sure where you're located or what your local laws say)

> I made it for the pleasure of putting the maximum of things on a single
> floppy disk and achieve maximum memory...

Cool. Now make a FreeDOS only one that can be redistributed with impunity! :-D
(I still need to update my MetaDOS yet again one of these days.)

> NFO file with full explanation:

Quite long! I haven't read it yet (why PNG??), but it looks interesting.

> Archive with 2 bootdisks and a HDD image (all of them with related NFO
> files):
> [edited by moderator]

Yeah, like I said, I don't think Robert really wants explicit ("unofficial") links to such things.

> Special credit to Japheth for JEMMEX, from my point of view, the best all
> around memory manager.

Have you seen the latest prerelease? There's at least one FreeDOS developer who still has an active interest in such things, but he doesn't frequent the forum here. Feel free to discuss it here (in another topic) or on freedos-devel or freedos-user or wherever.

> I'm looking for a RxDOS 7.2 bootdisk with some explanation about the
> settings to use of another interpreter.

cm is the resident RxDOS expert, but I don't know if even he considers his fork stable yet (if ever). Consensus mostly seems to be that it's always been too buggy for average use.


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