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Multi Kernel bootdisk - RxDOS status (Miscellaneous)

posted by nico7550(R), 12.09.2018, 12:15

Hi cm,

Thanks, I will wait the 7.4 to try incorporating it in my bootdisk for memory comparison.

Waiting this, I try to build a 7.22 bootdisk with the batch tool but the resulted disk freeze at boot (86Box/Award 430VX/Pentium 233MMX/32Mo)...

Starting RxDOS...
init: Loading shell "RXCMD.exe" arguments: ""

Another point, RxD_BOOT.COM seems to do a bit more than only changing the boot sector, can you give me some details ? I ever got this type of problem with PC-DOS.

I ask because if I export the boot sector from a fresh build boot disk and inject it manually in a blank disk then adding RxBIO.SYS, RxCMD.EXE and RxDOS.SYS, I only got "Not an RxDOS system disk or disk error"...



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