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New Download address for HX, Jemm386 , JWasm ... (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 14.09.2018, 04:59

> Did anyone notice that GitHub (and Sourceforge, BTW)
> cannot be accessed with any DOS-based browser ?

That's a bit broad, saying it excludes literally every browser. I doubt you tested them all (just saying). :-P

> Indeed, not even wiht Win98 browsers, because they
> updated to TLS 1.1 minimum, and no longer use http.

Yes, I noticed that our old (2008) Wget build stopped working on those two sites sometime after last November.

But newer (2015?) Wget build works fine, so does Links 2.16 (AFAIK). I haven't tried 2.17 yet, but presumably it also works. Also haven't tried latest DJGPP build of Lynx (which I don't normally use), but I assume it also works.

Yes, things change, some break, but not all hope is lost (yet?). :-D


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