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random trivia (sorry for off-topic) (Announce)

posted by marcov(R), 19.09.2018, 17:26

> I guess those are similar in nature to
> Aruba, Saint Eustatius, etc?

I've never been there. But afaik on most Dutch island, the "other" language is more likely to be English, not Spanish. Papiamento (a creole language with afaik a lot of Portuguese influences) is afaik spoken a lot on the larger islands, Aruba and Curacao.

On some of the Dutch islands (like Dutch part of Saint Martin) hardly any Dutch is spoken at all.

> (Doesn't even the Netherlands have some
> ancient history with the kingdom of Spain?)

Didn't have the colonies have some spat with the British over tea? :-D

Strictly speaking only the problem was Phillips II, so the King, not Spain itself. Who had a bunch of fiefs besides being the King of Spain including most of what is now Belgium and the NL(some of which was still submerged in that period)

But he ruled from Spain with much less feeling for local sensitivities than his father Charles V(who grew up in Ghent). So it happened that the Habsburg treasury was empty, and he raised extra taxes in the richest part of his realm (Flanders). At the same time he also stepped up Protestant prosecutions and one thing led to another. Some things were said, some people were executed, and you have a revolt on your hands.

> I meant that dirty/curse words are overused and somewhat useless. How many
> different ways can you call someone a "wasteman"? "Jammy bloke", "barmy
> git", "bloody tosspot, you know, the usual nonsense. Very bizarre.


> But maybe you don't even like that style of music, who knows.

Hard rock was more in decline in 1990 here, though with a few exceptions (like GnR). Alternative was moving up, and the rave movement ran full tilt.

More so than in the US(at least, judging by MTV US VMA that I watched in that time).

Maybe they simply only got specialist venues, and since i didn't live in a major city at the time....


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