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random trivia (sorry for off-topic) (Announce)

posted by marcov(R), 21.09.2018, 16:49

> I meant they're separate territories, not that they speak Spanish.

The leeward islands (St. Martin,Saba and Eustacius) are closer to Puerto Rico, the other ones (Leeward Islands or ABC island; Aruba/Bonaire/Curacao) are closer to Venezuela

The larger ones are separate countries under the Dutch Crown, the smaller are municipalities. There are some islanders in the NL, but they are mostly from the larger (Aruba and Curacao). I don't know much about the others.

A bit more about Saint Martin, since, obviously, it was heavily in the news last year due to being leveled by hurricane Irma. I do know Saint Martin has some cruise ships.

Saint Martin was just upgraded from municipality to separate country (2015?) before this happened.

> > On some of the Dutch islands (like Dutch part of Saint Martin) hardly
> any
> > Dutch is spoken at all.
> Huh, apparently only 300 km (190 mi) away from Puerto Rico. Wait, France
> owns half? Sounds like the whole Cuba debacle (and U.S. naval base). What
> could go wrong?? :-P Yup, apparently named after the same Saint Martin
> that Luther was named after.

The one with the cape and Halloween?

> A four-year president over here makes everyone lose their minds. I don't
> know how the British are so sane after having one monarch for 60 years.

Well, limit their power to ribbon cutting :-)

> I pity the inevitable uproar in transition to King Charles. The
> British press is considered even more hostile than U.S. (which I find
> doubtful).

The British tabloids are horrible. And mostly a waste of time.

> I don't understand the gossip obsession with the royals. I like
> trivia but only innocent stuff, all the other nonsense is boring.

Well, all the Stormy Daniels stuff doesn't really belong in the relevant news either.

> Very little dispute is religious in nature these days. Religion has little
> power, at least in the States. Mostly it's secular powers warring against
> each other

Mwha. Just yell abortion and run for cover ! :-)

> Nowadays everyone has a persecution complex. It's very stressful trying to
> avoid such topics (and people) when it invades every corner of public life.
> Some people can't take a hint! I'm basically apolitical, but there are many
> people who have serious anger issues and an axe to grind.

That's the problem with all populist bits. Politics should not be driven by emotion.

> But MTV isn't an indication of much. Even in the '90s, their showing of
> videos was declining.

I do know that, and many of those bands were old.

> Even later, "MTV" literally stopped representing "Music Television" (they
> explicitly changed it to just be a meaningless acronym). And channels like
> MTV2, once considered an outlet for music proper, quickly changed their
> tune, too.

Here MTV turned into a soap/reallifetv channel gradually (mid nineties - late nineties) The problem is that the other channel with actual music wasn't available on basic cable, neither were others. The competitor dutch channel (TMF- The Music Factory) held out a bit longer but was bought by MTV and ended up the same.

> Granted, I don't care for videos anyways and consider them a
> waste of effort.

I liked having MTV on when doing some low-key coding in the evening. Both music and a bit of distraction from time to time.

> (As an aside, the '90s sucked. I'd hear incomplete/chopped songs on the
> radio, e.g. VH's "Humans Being", as well as way too many greatest hits
> compilations from all labels for all artists, often with chopped songs.

Here radios always clipped longer songs, specially during prime time (rush hours), also in the nineties. But it was fairly rare, and mostly only for longer songs. And you risked a DJ blabbing through parts of it.

> But I never cared for concerts anyways, always preferred
> live CDs or whatnot.

I like a concert now and then, but my main live music was festivals.
Did GnR and Interpol last year, and in november the Human League (80s) comes to a venue that is 3km away. I can't really skip that :-)


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