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random trivia (sorry for off-topic) (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 24.09.2018, 04:58

> > > On some of the Dutch islands (like Dutch part of Saint Martin) hardly
> > > any Dutch is spoken at all.
> >
> > Huh, apparently only 300 km (190 mi) away from Puerto Rico. Wait, France
> > owns half? Sounds like the whole Cuba debacle (and U.S. naval base).
> > What could go wrong?? :-P Yup, apparently named after the same Saint
> > Martin that Luther was named after.
> The one with the cape and Halloween?

We do have Halloween but not St. Martin's Day. Of course, Halloween (All Hallows' Eve) is "mostly" a secular holiday. The only religious part is obviously All Saint's Day. (A much smaller, "mostly" secular, region-based celebration is Mardi Gras, loosely centered around Lent and Fat Tuesday/Ash Wednesday.)

> > A four-year president over here makes everyone lose their minds. I don't
> > know how the British are so sane after having one monarch for 60 years.
> Well, limit their power to ribbon cutting :-)

The monarchy still has lots of power, I presume, but I don't know the details. Obviously some of that has been divested in recent decades.

> > I pity the inevitable uproar in transition to King Charles. The
> > British press is considered even more hostile than U.S. (which I find
> > doubtful).
> The British tabloids are horrible. And mostly a waste of time.

Hollywood entertainment rags aren't much better. What passes for "news" or journalism these days is either gossip or flat out slander (libel?). It's quite toxic, and I'm surprised they get away with it. (And of course the Internet makes everything amplified.)

N.B. The IMDb forums had to be shut down because of so many horrendous problems. (But those people will just go elsewhere. Bah, social media can be such a burden, so I avoid most of it.)

> > I don't understand the gossip obsession with the royals. I like
> > trivia but only innocent stuff, all the other nonsense is boring.
> Well, all the Stormy Daniels stuff doesn't really belong in the relevant
> news either.

I'm apolitical, and I don't normally get involved. But it's pushed so heavily, and then some, 24/7, that you can't avoid it entirely, even by choice! It's very angry, obsessive, and it's quite destructive. (EDIT: I have to mention that Slacker [internet] Radio always tries to give me ABC News/political ads, among more benign others. Luckily, I can "skip" it, ugh.)

Having said that, even if I'm no explicit supporter of any political parties, it's hard not to see that they were against Trump from well before he was even nominated. For many reasons (mostly fake), they hated him. There have been so many ("mostly" fabricated) "scandals" that I can't take them seriously anymore. And yes, they are trying very hard to remove him from office by throwing everything against the wall to see what sticks. They really hate him, but they hated him before he was even elected. It's hard not to be cynical when they're so biased. So yeah, even to someone who doesn't actively care about "the important issues", it's still very annoying.

N.B. They actively hate all conservatives and Republicans (often directly by name), so it's not truly just a Trump hatred. Don't be naive and think it's only about him.

EDIT: Nobody I know of uses accents in English, so I guess we misspell "na´ve" because we don't use "i umlaut" (or whatever). Apparently there's a (not superficial but functional?) difference between dieresis and umlaut??? Sheesh.

> > Very little dispute is religious in nature these days. Religion has
> little
> > power, at least in the States. Mostly it's secular powers warring
> against
> > each other
> Mwha. Just yell abortion and run for cover ! :-)

Do you really think religious affiliation matters in politics? Okay, random trivia: Condi Rice is Presbyterian but didn't vote for Trump (also Presbyterian, his mother came from Scotland, apparently it's popular there). Hillary's V.P. (Kaine) is Catholic, so is Trump's wife (Melania). Heck, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Rick Santorum ... they're all "Catholic" (more or less), but they don't agree on anything. Yes, Catholics are against abortion (with some confused people not understanding the difference, ahem, Melinda Gates). Speaking of excommunication ....

Yes, it's a contentious issue, and yes, many people lose their minds or mislead people unfairly. No, it's not "important" because I don't think anybody actively cares enough to change anything. I don't think the status quo is going anywhere. And I don't see any concrete signs that anything is under attack or will change anytime soon. So I don't know why some people still lose their minds (or tempers). It's a joke, honestly, and I hate it. Such a waste.

The entire Woman's March (2017) was only a day after Trump's inauguration. Yes, they tried mostly to pretend it was about various issues, but really it was just them blowing their own horn. It was kinda ridiculous. How do you get pissed off at a guy who hasn't even (barely) been elected and hasn't done or changed (broken??) anything yet? How do you get mad at a pro-life guy when you still have the "right" to do whatever you want (since, what, 45 years)? Are you that afraid of his "power"? It's ridiculous. Am I just overly cynical, skeptical? Am I the only one who isn't afraid? Why do people lose their freakin' minds over this, over something that hasn't even happened, and probably won't?

So it's just fake outrage, more insanity (virtue signaling?), total waste of time. I'm honestly tired of hearing about it. I shouldn't even be thinking about it. I'm out of the loop, I have no power, and yet I hate this constant need to war against literally all existing ideologies as if everybody that came before us is 100% wrong and must "change", it's psychotic.

> Here radios always clipped longer songs, specially during prime time (rush
> hours), also in the nineties. But it was fairly rare, and mostly only for
> longer songs. And you risked a DJ blabbing through parts of it.

They haven't trimmed many songs in recent memory, but I don't really listen much anymore (except via internet, better selection). My point was that the industry was, and still is, very weird.

Internet is probably better for most artists these days (but worse for record labels??). You can buy Sleeze Beez music on various sites. BTW, even their live album was recorded in Japan, which (allegedly?) was more friendly to "hair metal" (or whatever) even once it became outmoded in the West. Strange to think the '90s were mostly grunge/alternative because many things have gotten worse, musically, but there's still good modern music (even if different). BTW, apparently one song ("We Do Rock 'N Roll") was missing on their second album (U.S. release only), go figure. Apparently the record label hated it? Yet I've heard it on internet radio without problem. So yeah, that's weird/annoying, even iTunes and Google Play lack that song.

> > But I never cared for concerts anyways, always preferred
> > live CDs or whatnot.
> I like a concert now and then, but my main live music was festivals.
> Did GnR and Interpol last year, and in november the Human League (80s)
> comes to a venue that is 3km away. I can't really skip that :-)

Speaking of disbanding in '96 (well, Slash left). Yeah, their reunion was insanely successful and long awaited. (Though I guess you know Axl is more or less also in AC/DC these days, already did one mini-tour with them.) BTW, did you know Slash is British (went to school there) and (AAVE) American? Yep, useless trivia. :-P


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