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Necromancer's Dos Navigator (Announce)

posted by Laaca(R) Homepage, Czech republic, 24.09.2018, 19:29

Holy sh*t! It has much more functions I can try in whole my life :ok:
Really wow! I thought that NDN is dead and I didn't expect such development at all.
Unfortunately I can't test the 64-bit versions. Win64 version is not so interresting as it can be considered as normal. But... But it really works in DOS in 64-bit longmode?
I don't want to digger into technical things here but I thought that in 64-bit mode is no connection to realmode world (DOS, BIOS) like is in 32-bit mode.

Now about more usual features.
So I will need much time to extensively test it.
Only few remarks:
* Why I can't use Enter on the numeric keyboard? It is quite annoying.
* IVT table can't fit on screen in 80-columns modes
* ASCII chart shows actual loaded VGA chars in the main part of windows but the detailed view in the right side shows not the actual VGA chars but the default hardware font
* I had a crash. I run the directory branch function but for long time nothing happened. So I pressed ESC but the program have frozen.

I have also one feature request.
Is possible to implement some networking support? More directly: Is possible to add some simple FTP client?

Anyway - amazing work.
And I noticed that NDN is still written in pascal. PASCAL RULES!



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