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random trivia (sorry for off-topic) (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 26.09.2018, 16:49

Sorry for the off-topic, I wasn't trying to bring up controversial topics or antagonize anyone. But sometimes it's hard to avoid, even for "neutral" things like boring trivia! I just like the irrelevant stuff.

For instance, did you know there was (only) one English pope (Adrian IV)? Also (only) one Dutch pope (Adrian VI). But no Americans, no surprise, it's a very young country. And who cares about that omission anyways? Not me.

Speaking of that, another famous Dutch band that I forgot to mention is Vandenberg. IIRC, they had three successful albums in the '80s, but the only big hit was "Burning Heart" (which I've heard many times on House of Hair radio). To be fair, I heard tons more good songs of theirs via internet radio. After they disbanded, I think the main guitarist joined Whitesnake ("Here I Go Again", "Is This Love?", etc), another '80s band that had many hits (more popular? I assume you've at least heard of them).

According to Wikipedia, the Netherlands isn't that small a country. My (U.S.) state is like a third of that size. So I shouldn't be that surprised, but truly it's thousands of miles away, so I know very little. The obvious people (Famke Jansen, Guido van Rossum) speak for themselves, I suppose.

Oh, I just found and bought a cheap (but good) digital game on my Wii U called Toki Tori. I'd barely heard of it before (Game Boy Color?) but never played it. The company behind it (Two Tribes) is apparently Dutch.

Am I trying too hard to connect the dots here? I know little things don't matter, but I'm still curious. Probably just my weak way of relating, dunno! (Hey, the U.S. isn't that isolated or nationalistic ... but close enough! Ugh.)


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