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New Download address for HX, Jemm386 , JWasm ... (Announce)

posted by jassenna(R), Campinas,SP,Brazil, 28.09.2018, 00:32

Rugxulo said:

> That's a bit broad, saying it excludes literally every browser. I doubt you
> tested them all (just saying). :-P

If you are nitpicking, you shall doubt whether anyone knows how many
Windows (or DOS) browsers exist. For number is finite, but can only
be estimated, not determined. So, the above assertion is practically
unprovable, but can be disproved in a straightforward way,
by showing one browser that works under Win98 and supports
TLS 1.2, exactly what Roytam did, and I am glad he did.
I have not yet tried Links 2.16 or 2.17 in my DOS machine, but do
not have high hopes, for even version 2.8 was too much for an old
computer -- a 486DX-50 with 16MB of RAM.


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