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Working solution for HW Sound Blaster emulation for newer PC (Emulation)

posted by Japheth(R) Homepage, Germany (South), 30.09.2018, 14:27

> For Japheth: I found a strange behavior that when Yamaha TSR DSDMA.EXE is
> loaded and I use JEMMEX in my config.sys I got this error from DOS4GW
> extender when trying to run a game:
> "DOS/16M error: [17] system software does not follow VCPI or DPMI
> specifications Spawn Error: Error 0"
> It was figuerd out that disabling VME by NOVME JEMMEX option solve this
> problem. Maybe some incompatability how JEMMEX use VME?

I find it more likely that the TSR (DSDMA.EXE) intrudes the V86-monitor address context. This can only be done in a "hackish" way, because there is no API for that. Such a program, if it isn't aware that VME exists, may cause troubles. The V86-monitor can do nothing about that ( except to disallow intrusion ).

Does sound work for protected-mode programs only or also for real-mode progs?

You could also try out what hdpmi may say if used instead of dos4gw. You might have to start it with "hdpmi32 -i -x" to be "fully" dos4gw compatible.

MS-DOS forever!


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