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Necromancer's Dos Navigator (Announce)

posted by CandyMan(R), 01.10.2018, 18:29

> Hi, nice to see NDN is not dead yet. Why it didn't appeared on
> ? Is it some unofficial version or fork by
> another programmer?
I took the NDN participation in the development. I contacted from Stefan Weber (Germany). He coordinated entire pojekt. But for ages so I am not in contact with him I decided alone to add what I can to NDN.

> On the laptop (Intel I5-2450M CPU) it crashes (simply hangs) with no startup messages or error messages or anything. It does this both with the real hardware and in VMWare under Windows 7. There is not a lot a commonality between real hardware and VMWare other than the CPU (almost everything else is virtualized in VMWare and doesn't look anything like the real hardware), which makes me think it may be CPU-related.

> Also, the 64-bit version won't work with any of my DOS setups (I use JEMM on all of them) -- I get an error message:

> D3X: error 0xFB: V86 mode
The dos extender used with NDN64 had certain problems with the IRQ service under the long mode. He was out of order with emulators. I hope that a problem was solved in the next version NDN.
NDN64 can only works with true real mode (V86 mode is not available with long mode by hardware).
Next version soon. Best regards.


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