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Sleeze Beez (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 02.10.2018, 04:29

> Internet is probably better for most artists these days (but worse for
> record labels??). You can buy Sleeze Beez music on various sites. BTW, even
> their live album was recorded in Japan, which (allegedly?) was more
> friendly to "hair metal" (or whatever) even once it became outmoded in the
> West.
> ...
> BTW, apparently one song ("We Do Rock 'N Roll") was
> missing on their second album (U.S. release only), go figure. Apparently
> the record label hated it? Yet I've heard it on internet radio without
> problem. So yeah, that's weird/annoying, even iTunes and Google Play lack
> that song.

The Wikipedia article mentions two albums in 2010, which wasn't really a "comeback" but more of a belated "farewell" (AFAICT): Screwed Live!, and the Very Best of. I actually forgot that they had an official website! But it hasn't been updated in recent years, so I only browsed it like once or twice. It does mention there the omitted song (import only?) from their second album. You'd think it would've been on their live album (or greatest hits), but no. So apparently even they didn't care that much, perhaps??

Google Play doesn't even have (import only?) 2010's Screwed Live! nor The Very Best of. iTunes doesn't have those either. But both apparently added a different compilation ("The Best of") three days ago! (20 vs. 15 songs, I haven't checked closely, but they omit some stuff and add other obscure stuff that I'm not familiar with. Bah, we really need a new live album, but oh well.)

BTW, there was a 30-year anniversary interview done last year (2017) with one of the guitarists.


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