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Necromancer's Dos Navigator (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 02.10.2018, 10:57
(edited by Rugxulo on 03.10.2018, 02:31)

> Thanks for remembering Michael Chourdakis work. I was amazed by his initial
> experiments years ago but I didn't had time to return back so I missed the
> whole DMMI think. Seems there was some progress but stopped.

You mean this? Circa 2015.

EDIT: I hate to be that guy, but ....

> Code Project Open License, version 1.02 (#cpol)
> The Code Project Open License is not a free software license.
> Section 5.6 restricts how you can use the work. Section 5.4
> prohibits commercial distribution of the software by itself—and
> depending on how you read section 3.4, you may not have permission
> to distribute the software by itself at all.

(Honestly, I almost wonder if this complaint only applies to older versions of the license, before 1.02, because it doesn't sound that bad.)

> [CPOL] History
> 1.00. Initial release
> 1.01. A small clarification has been made section 5d that makes
> it clear that code can be included in commercial applications
> that are to be sold.
> 1.02. A clarification on how the license pertains to the Article
> was added to the Preamble.

Great, so everybody in FOSS hates it (according to Wikipedia), ugh. (Maybe we can get it relicensed?? Why are people so stubborn about licensing?? Such a waste of time! Do they not want anybody to actually use or improve the darn thing??)


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