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Building MS-DOS 2.00's DEBUG (version 2.30) (Announce)

posted by cm(R) Homepage E-mail, Düsseldorf, Germany, 02.10.2018, 13:01

> > MASM 1.10 (albeit technically "free software" now, this is given as a
> binary only)
> Did you try with later MASMs or MASM compatibles (e.g. JWasm)?

No and yes. JWASM seems to be too new, there are macros in the source that are keywords to JWASM (I think "invoke" was one of those).

> > After that a few more problems occurred, but I solved all of them and
> made
> > scripts (one for building in DOS, which I run in dosemu2, and the other
> for
> > packing the archive in bash on Linux) to build and package DEBUG version
> > 2.30.
> Did you only try building atop DOSEMU2? What DOS did you use, FreeDOS?

Yes, and I used FreeDOS SVN / build 2042, "compiled Sep 22 2017", along with FreeCOM "0.84-pre2 XMS_Swap" (this I think is the one included in the FreeDOS tarball for dosemu).

> Maybe these old tools have some unknown dependency on running atop actual
> MS-DOS 2.00 itself. (Dunno, try PCEM?) See
> here
> about running QuickPascal atop DR-DOS. And there was some weird bit about
> A20, EXEPACK, Pascal runtime, I dunno, see
> here.
> Another
> article says
> this:
> > Given that the compiler was designed to run on the original IBM PC
> > and only required 128K memory, why is it failing on a system with
> > a lot more? The real reason is of course not that there isn’t enough
> > memory, the problem is that there’s too much. Let’s see how that works
> > (or rather doesn’t work) exactly.
> >
> > IBM Pascal 1.0 suffers from a problem that is common to a number of
> > products built with the Pascal compiler, specifically programs using
> > the Pascal run-time startup code. That notably includes early versions
> > of MASM as well as the Pascal compiler itself.
> So that's fun. :-P

Yeah, that seems like it might be the problem I'm running into. Oddly enough, when loading lDebug to stay resident, there are 569 KiB left for an application, which seems like it may still trigger the bugs described there. (Though it's less than 512 KiB + 64 KiB ( = 576 KiB).)

Patched PSP at 11B6, now resident.
PSP: 11B6
02B4 4D 0008 000D    208 B SD
02C2 4D 02DA 0016    352 B LDEBUG
02D9 4D 02DA 0EDB   59 KiB LDEBUG
11B5 5A 11B6 8E49  569 KiB DEBUGGEE
9FFF 4D 0008 2300  140 KiB SC
C300 4D 0008 011B    4 KiB SD
C41C 4D 0000 0006     96 B
C423 4D C424 00BC    2 KiB COMMAND
C4E0 4D 0000 1B1E  108 KiB
DFFF 4D 0008 1000   64 KiB SC
F000 4D 0000 032D   12 KiB
F32E 4D 0000 0090    2 KiB
F3BF 5A C424 0040   1024 B COMMAND
C:>ver /r
FreeCom version 0.84-pre2 XMS_Swap [Aug 28 2006 00:29:00]
DOS version 7.10
FreeDOS kernel - SVN (build 2042 OEM:0xfd) [compiled Sep 22 2017]

> > I uploaded my repository (based on Microsoft's) to
> > and also put an archive with the binary
> > (and object and listing files) to
> > (Make sure to use
> > though; debug.exe is only included here as an intermediate object file
> and
> > doesn't work correctly when run directly.)
> Please don't take this the wrong way, I know it's not your fault. It's just
> a minor nitpick.
> But it seems very sloppy and almost inappropriate to put "binary only"
> files on Github (and/or BitBucket). I know that's somewhat unavoidable, but
> it blurs the lines. "bin/" shouldn't have .TXT, .DOC, .PAS, or .OBJ files!
> "source/" shouldn't have .TXT (maybe), linker scripts, .EXE, .HLP, or .OVL
> files!
> EDIT: Typos, added one more quoted paragraph.

The binaries in my bitbucket repo proper are only those already included in the repo by Microsoft. I uploaded the archive with my DEBUG build to the /downloads/ page, which as far as I understand it is exactly for this type of release. (Note that github doesn't have such a page.)

In the archive, there is no "source/" directory, it's all flat in the archive's root. So the only sin I committed according to your nitpick is that I put executable links and scripts into the source directory in the repo. If it bothers you too much, you're free to fork from the repo :-P



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