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Building MS-DOS 2.00's DEBUG (version 2.30) (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 03.10.2018, 01:56

> > Did you try with later MASMs or MASM compatibles (e.g. JWasm)?
> No and yes. JWASM seems to be too new, there are macros in the source that
> are keywords to JWASM (I think "invoke" was one of those).

Try "option nokeyword:<invoke>" (at top of file or via include -Fi). That seems to work correctly.

> > > Given that the compiler was designed to run on the original IBM PC
> > > and only required 128K memory, why is it failing on a system with
> > > a lot more? The real reason is of course not that there isnít enough
> > > memory, the problem is that thereís too much. Letís see how that works
> > > (or rather doesnít work) exactly.
> > >
> > > IBM Pascal 1.0 suffers from a problem that is common to a number of
> > > products built with the Pascal compiler, specifically programs using
> > > the Pascal run-time startup code. That notably includes early versions
> > > of MASM as well as the Pascal compiler itself.
> Yeah, that seems like it might be the problem I'm running into.

Good to know.

> The binaries in my bitbucket repo proper are only those already included in
> the repo by Microsoft.

I know, but it's still less than ideal. I don't use Github, so I'm a bit surprised they don't forbid binary blobs. Maybe I'm naive, I thought some (most?) people wanted reproducible builds and full sources for as much as possible. (Yeah, I know this is old and formerly proprietary. Maybe they honestly expect us DOS nerds to clean it up!)

> In the archive, there is no "source/" directory, it's all flat in the
> archive's root. So the only sin I committed according to your nitpick is
> that I put executable links and scripts into the source directory in the
> repo. If it bothers you too much, you're free to fork from the repo :-P

It's not that I care. People are sloppy all the time about things like that. Please don't take this the wrong way, I know it's not crucial. (There are lots of little "problems" like that that need fixing in other projects.)

Generally speaking, for FOSS enthusiasts who always have to care about licensing (whether they like it or not), it's a bit uncomfortable to see binary blobs or non-reproducible files from mysterious origins. Also, using non-free tools (that aren't portable, old and limited, buggy) makes things harder. It's just lots of little problems that need to be avoided, if you care about organization and rebuilding or redistributing.


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