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Help need. Some network programs for DOS just lockups. (Miscellaneous)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 03.10.2018, 02:48

Saluton! Bonvenon!

> Hard to say where can be the problem. My first idea - some unsupported
> instruction in the used network library (Watt32) for your CPU.

Maybe CPUID fails or is misdetected? Certainly people are sloppy about that, esp. for (old) non-AMD and non-Intel cpus. EDIT: Try Eric Auer's CPULEVEL tool (very small but useful).

> Maybe I am wrong but I thought that newer builds of Watt32 are compiled for
> 686+ processors with instructions like CMOVxx.

I certainly hope not, it probably wouldn't speed up much! (EDIT: Is that intentional? Have you heard that from Juan or others? I'd consider anything DJGPP compiled as 686+ as almost a bug.)

> But I am even not sure whether your processor (STPC Elite 133Mhz), although
> marked as i80486 compatible, knows the new 486 instructions like BSWAP or

I seriously doubt it's using those particular instructions, esp. if compiled by GCC.

> But maybe I am wrong and the problem is elsewhere. First - try more
> DJGPP+Watt32 programs. I uploaded the testing binaries for Watt32
> here

Why not just point him to DJGPP's /current/v2tk/ Although all it has is ping.exe and tcpinfo.exe (not much).


> As a next step try to replace the default DPMI server to an alternative.
> The easiest is the use the HDPMI32 server from the HX-DOS package by
> Japheth.
> (commandline is HDPMI32 -r)
> After loading such DPMI server try to run your problematic binaries again.

Which version, 2.18-pre?

P.S. I do seriously want to (weakly try to) rebuild Wget one of these days, for other reasons, but it's not something I feel super comfortable doing, so I haven't bothered (yet).


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