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Sleeze Beez (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 03.10.2018, 04:14

> Google Play doesn't even have (import only?) 2010's Screwed Live! nor The
> Very Best of. iTunes doesn't have those either. But both apparently added a
> different compilation ("The Best of") three days ago!

Amazon also has it for purchase (no huge surprise).

(Seriously, why do I forcibly have to pay taxes to the U.S. [state] government for digital-only goods that basically come from .nl? How do they deserve any cut? It makes no sense, they did no work. But they've strong-armed all these online retailers in recent years, ugh.)

> (20 vs. 15 songs, I haven't checked closely, but they omit some stuff
> and add other obscure stuff that I'm not familiar with. Bah, we really
> need a new live album, but oh well.)

Well, considering I can't directly purchase the former (although Slacker Radio is definitely using it, sometimes), it shouldn't matter. Still, even those 20 songs omitted some gems. So I dunno, I feel incomplete.

I did make a list of all the songs from the two live albums and two greatest hits compilations. The only songs that are available on all four albums are as follows: Heroes Die Young, House Is On Fire, Rock In The Western World, Screwed Blued 'N Tattooed, Stranger Than Paradise. So only five songs in common (all from second studio album!), seems nobody can agree what the best songs were. (In fairness, they apparently had a lot of other good songs, too, IMHO.)

Next, of other songs available on three of four albums, I've never heard two of them and maybe only once the other one (go figure). 12 songs are on two of four albums, I've heard seven of those fairly frequently, but the others not as much (or not at all for four of them).

If a new live album (with Andrew, obviously) ever happens, I hope they do Dyin to Live, We Do Rock 'N Roll, and probably anything else (I'm not that picky; again, they had a lot of good ones). There's already video of Andrew and the band's live version of "Hit and Run" on YouTube (another song from first album with other singer). Hmmm, they have some live stuff from 2010 on YouTube, I haven't looked too closely there (music is still good, but all music videos are boring to me). Apparently they also recorded a cover of Journey's "Faithfully" in 2011?, first "new" music since 1994.


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