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Building MS-DOS 2.00's DEBUG (version 2.30) (Announce)

posted by neozeed(R), 05.10.2018, 07:57

> As I specified in I went and
> tried building the MS-DOS 2.00 source's DEBUG. (MS-DOS 2.00 was recently
> released under the MIT license, see
> )
> Without LOADFIX, the included MASM 1.10 (albeit technically "free software"
> now, this is given as a binary only) errors out with "Out Of Memory" on
> some files. Eric suggested it may be due to using memory in the first 64
> KiB of the LMA. With FreeCOM's LOADFIX either MASM and/or my batch file
> crash or hang, though. As an alternative, I loaded up my lDebug, entered
> TSR mode ("tsr"), and insured with "dm" that the memory behind the debugger
> is above 64 KiB. Then I run with "g", which causes the debugged process to
> terminate and returns to the shell, now with lDebug resident.
> After that a few more problems occurred, but I solved all of them and made
> scripts (one for building in DOS, which I run in dosemu2, and the other for
> packing the archive in bash on Linux) to build and package DEBUG version
> 2.30.
> I uploaded my repository (based on Microsoft's) to
> and also put an archive with the binary
> (and object and listing files) to
> (Make sure to use
> though; debug.exe is only included here as an intermediate object file and
> doesn't work correctly when run directly.)

I've been using MS-DOS player to stage stuff.. and building debug seemed straight forward..

call m DEBASM
call m DEBCOM1
call m DEBCOM2
call m DEBDATA
call m DEBEQU
call m DEBMES
call m DEBUASM
call m DEBUG
..binlink @deblink
..binexe2bin debug.exe

C:projdos2v2.0source>type m.cmd
..binmasm %1 %1.obj %1.lst %1.crf

and it appears to run 'okay'

-uprojdos2v2.0source>..binmsdos debug
0B61:0100 E9CD0B JMP 0CD0
0B61:0103 0000 ADD [BX+SI],AL
0B61:0105 0000 ADD [BX+SI],AL
0B61:0107 0000 ADD [BX+SI],AL
0B61:0109 0000 ADD [BX+SI],AL
0B61:010B 0000 ADD [BX+SI],AL
0B61:010D 0000 ADD [BX+SI],AL
0B61:010F 0000 ADD [BX+SI],AL
0B61:0111 0000 ADD [BX+SI],AL
0B61:0113 0000 ADD [BX+SI],AL
0B61:0115 0000 ADD [BX+SI],AL
0B61:0117 0000 ADD [BX+SI],AL
0B61:0119 0000 ADD [BX+SI],AL
0B61:011B 0000 ADD [BX+SI],AL
0B61:011D 0000 ADD [BX+SI],AL
0B61:011F 0000 ADD [BX+SI],AL

TeleVideo Personal Computer DOS Vers. 2.11
(C) Copyright TeleVideo Systems, Inc. 1983
(C) Copyright Microsoft Corp. 1981, 1982, 1983


Program terminated normally

So yeah.... I'm using Microsoft MASM v3, and the included Microsoft Link 2. MS-DOS Player has flags like -e to reduce the environmnet, -m to restrict free memory enable or disable EMS/XMS and my favorite is to 'bind' an exe to run on Win32/Win64.


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