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more irrelevant trivia (Announce)

posted by marcov(R), 06.10.2018, 16:26

> According to Wikipedia, today is
> German-American
> Day (never heard of it). If we do have a sizeable population of
> German immigrants or German descendants around here locally, I've never met
> them. (Maybe one lady, but I'm not sure.) I'm out of the loop, but I don't
> speak German anyways. "It's all Greek to me" (common saying). Of course,
> all Catholics were/are sympathetic to Pope (Emeritus) Benedict XVI.

The tradional story is that German immigrants mainly went to the midwest. More recent NL immigration afaik mostly went to Michigan (there is a reason there is a place called "Holland" there) and dairy states in general. Though my guess would be after WWII more Dutchies went to Canada than to the US. And again mostly to get larger dairy farms, iow farmers.

> There are some famous Americans who have/had such parents: Lou Gehrig
> (baseball), Charles Schulz (Peanuts), Bruce Willis (actor), Kirsten Dunst
> (actress), and I don't even remember who else (Michael Fassbender?). I'm
> sure there are many others I'm forgetting. Ah yes, Heidi Klum (AGT judge).
> Okay, I'm a bit confused here, but indeed some have dual citizenship.

Recent arrivals surely do. There are also some strange cases where people are American but grew up in Germany (because their parents were stationed on one of the huge American bases in Germany). Same with UK.

A major base is 20-30km south of my hometown (NATO base Geilenkirchen). In my parent's youth (60s, 70s), the American and English bases were very important, because they attracted artists to my hometown. (they had sponsored tours to the bases, and picked up some extra gigs in nearby towns).

Some of them were major staging areas for troops enroute to Vietnam.

In my time that was mostly gone, though there were about 1000 British from some RAF base (I believe Wildenrath) though.

> Germany is huge, though, roughly five times the size of the Netherlands,
> right?

More like 9 times. More if you don't count the 18% water that make up the inner former Southern Sea (Zuiderzee), which is now diked off and called the Ijsselmeer. (Ysel Lake).

Germany has only 4.5 times the population of NL though, it is relatively sparsely populated. :-D

If I look up for comparisons Germany is between Montana and New Mexico in size, but with twice the population of California (80m).

NL is three quarters of New York state in surface (maybe closer to 80% since it has a slightly larger water surface area), but with 85% of the population. So comparable, but the NY state population is more unevenly distributed.

> But the U.S. is four times even that size. (Speaking of irrelevant
> ....) So it shouldn't be that obscure, but I guess it's truly far enough
> away (5000 mi or 8000 km).

U.S/Ger = Twenty times larger, That makes US 237 times larger than NL(40K sqkm2) in surface with with only 19 times of the population. IOW your backyard is probably ten times mine :-P

I don't know how the US figure is corrected for lakes and such though.

U.S/EU area = +/- 2 (9.8M vs 4.5M sqkm) U.S/EU population = 0.65 (325M vs 500<), iow about 3 times denser. But that is going to change in a few months.


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