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RxDOS 7.24 release (Announce)

posted by cm(R) Homepage E-mail, Düsseldorf, Germany, 08.10.2018, 19:09

I uploaded to

What's new:

* DOSDATA and DOSCODE are split properly; DOSDATA can be relocated to UMA or start of LMA, DOSCODE can be relocated to start of HMA, to UMA, or to start of LMA.

* Former RxBIO is fully integrated into the DOS's segments.

* [RX]CONFIG.SYS DEVICE= and DEVICEHIGH= statements are handled in the same pass. If a device driver executable image doesn't fit into the UMA, DEVICEHIGH= will load it into the LMA instead.

* Memory handling replaced, refer to

* UMBs are supported in memory handling and initialisation during CONFIG processing.

* RPLOADER and MemoryMAX broadcasts are done now.

* [RX]CONFIG.SYS is read using normal DOS calls, which will later support redirected file systems when that is implemented in DOS.

* instsect is now included in the build, and allows installing boot sectors to FAT12, FAT16, or FAT32 (with FSINFO) file systems.

* Kernel compression supported, refer to (The compressed kernel is provided in the RxDOSPAK.COM file, and must be renamed to RxDOS.COM to boot from it.)

Still missing:

* iniload _IMAGE_EXE support and embedding eg instsect into RxDOS.COM (and _IMAGE_EXE support in iniblz)

* File system redirector

* EXEC using DOS calls to read file

* Deallocation of init S MCBs (most left allocated currently)

* Relocation of data structures to HMA, or UMA, or LMA (stuck at top of LMA currently)

* New buffers and full support of sector sizes of 32 to 8192 bytes


* File system locking and sharing

* Int2F.12xx internal DOS interface support

* Int2F HMA memory management functions

* Functional LFN Unicode translation

* Building without the LFN server

* INSTALL= support in CONFIG processing

* Menu support in CONFIG processing (either FreeDOS style, MS-DOS style, or both)

* More, likely



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