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more irrelevant trivia (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 10.10.2018, 04:04

> Wasn't modern New York (state) partially founded by the Dutch?
> former President Martin Van Buren was born in New York and spoke Dutch

I forgot that the Roosevelts were of Dutch descent, too. (Honestly, I'm more interested in nationality/citizenship and language than bloodlines or ethnicity. Or politics, obviously, too ephemeral.) Wikipedia says Teddy's grandfather was born in NYC but also "the last full-blooded Dutch Roosevelt of his line." (Hey, did you know Yul Brynner was 1/32 Mongolian? Yep, super important, lol.)

Pat Nixon, Richard's wife, her own mother was a German immigrant. I also remember hearing that Lou Bega ("Mambo #5") is from Germany. (When artists sing in English, it's often hard to tell.) Even Bruce Lee's mother was half German. (Though, boring trivia, since he was born here [San Francisco, CA], he was technically American. Though he didn't come back to U.S. until adulthood, went to college here [Seattle, WA], married here, etc).

I don't fully understand Belgium. Half Dutch, half French (Flemish and Walloon)?? The only Belgians I can think of are the obvious ones: Django Reinhardt (and his brother Joseph), St. Damian of Molokai (famous for missionary work in Hawaii, not yet a U.S. state), Fr. Georges LeMaitre, and of course Jean-Claude Van Varenberg. Huh, Belgium also has German as an official language (for the crucial 1%). Wikipedia also says there is (or was?) a sizeable Yiddish population in Antwerp.

BTW, yesterday was Columbus Day (observed). In recent years (since '70s?) some people (apparently six states and various cities since 1992) have taken to (even officially) rename it to Indigenous People's Day. I can't say I personally care, but it sure is pointlessly annoying when people get offended over a dead guy. (It's always something, some people seriously love to complain. Some people like negative attention or whatever.)


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