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more irrelevant trivia (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 11.10.2018, 16:46

> > Highly-populated states (like CA) tend to have quite an ego and believe
> > they are superior to others based upon their size. Or maybe I'm just
> > naive to be shocked at such hubris, but I guess it's the same old story.
> Yup very recognizable and pretty much the same with the heavily populated
> areas in the West of the NL, and the rest.

I hate to get political, but in reality you only have to win minimum 11 crucial states to get enough electoral votes to become U.S. President. So the other 39 can be ignored (in theory). It's just one of those weird statistics that shows how fragile everything really is.

(I don't seek this kind of trivia out, but it just seeps in because no one shuts up. It's a very toxic climate.)

> > Clearly you have a different view than I do.
> Well, it was more a statistic than a view, but I have a canned brexit
> opinion:
> Brexit is IMHO a democratic failure. Yes it was a vote, but the question
> was too abstract. Which can be seen very clearly in UK politics, the brexit
> vote (which is basically a simplistic yes/no polluted by an awful
> xenophobic campaigning) is used a mandate for just about anything relating
> to foreign politics and/or the economic future of the UK.

I know almost nothing about Brexit, sorry to imply otherwise. Somebody (maybe?) mentioned something about it detrimental to Ireland and beef/meat sales. Dunno!

Xenophobia seems strange because Britain (like U.S.) is extremely diverse, but maybe that's the cause? Maybe some few resent immigrants? (I find it hard to believe, and the media exaggerates and lies about everything. Some people cry wolf too much, but I guess it's sometimes true.)

Craig Charles (Lister from tv show Red Dwarf) is from Liverpool ("Scouse"?), England, but his mom was Irish, and his dad was from Guyana (South America, English-speaking). You mentioned Suriname, but honestly I don't know anything about either place. Oh, but he did say things were a bit "grim" growing up in Liverpool ('60s? '70s? much different era), and certainly the world isn't perfect! (But seriously, it's very wearisome to hear activists complain about non-issues. I don't mean related to him, only generally speaking. Some people can make a mountain out of a molehill. Opportunists, you know, sharks who smell blood. It's hard not to be cynical when the media is overwhelmingly rubbish!)

Hey, Trump's mom came from Scotland. His father's parents were German immigrants, I think, and sometimes they lied and said they were Swedish to not piss off potential tenants. (Irrational.)

I guess Britain has other issues with its upcoming new monarch (after 60+ years or so). Maybe that will resolve itself peacefully, who knows.

> Some Mediterranean countries are still reeling from the economic crisis
> though (high unemployment, specially for youth). Eastern Europe is
> different though, socio-economically it is still recovering, and the crisis
> didn't help.

Greece and Iceland had issues, no? I thought Germany bailed one (or both?) out. Also, Germany took in a lot of refugees (1+ million?), certainly more than most other countries (including U.S.). Oh, and let me mention the horrible fact that Obama's administration was spying on Merkel, hacked her phone or whatever. Not to mention the Snowden b.s. I don't know what the hell the U.S. thinks it's doing spying on allies. That's just asking for trouble, and certainly the Germans were pissed. I doubt Trump will (or can) fix such a mess, though, who knows. Some people in U.S. government themselves are very stubborn and xenophobic (you know, too many laws, too many restrictions, insane legalism, literally insane).

Immigration is yet another buzzword, yet another complaint on the endless "list" that radicals make for themselves. I honestly don't know anything about it. I'm just an observer. It's just a waste of time listening to a bunch of crackpot lawyers (or worse, armchair) argue about something that they weren't going to do anyways. The b.s. bureaucracy (media, elections, lawsuits, new laws) are all fluff, just for show, don't really help anybody, don't last, don't even try to get along or solve any actual problems. Seriously, it seems totally pointless, and it's very annoying. It's a waste of time and money, but that nonsense is what feeds certain agitators. I'm just too damn naive for my own good.


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