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random trivia (sorry for off-topic) (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 11.10.2018, 17:13

> > Mwha. Just yell abortion and run for cover ! :-)
> The entire Woman's March (2017) was only a day after Trump's inauguration.
> Yes, they tried mostly to pretend it was about various issues, but really
> it was just them blowing their own horn. It was kinda ridiculous. How do
> you get pissed off at a guy who hasn't even (barely) been elected and
> hasn't done or changed (broken??) anything yet? How do you get mad at a
> pro-life guy when you still have the "right" to do whatever you want
> (since, what, 45 years)?

Just to pretend to understand and explain this to myself ....

Planned Parenthood officially endorsed a candidate (Hillary) for U.S. President for the first time ever. They spent like $30 million dollars (and hired extra employees, 300?) to try to help get her elected.

Now, keep in mind that (I think??) they already receive heavy funding from U.S. federal government, and most of their services in recent years have been exclusively related to abortion (which they call "healthcare" albeit extremely narrow in demographic).

Also, they did officially co-sponsor the Women's March, IIRC, so it's not quite an accident. But then again, you could chalk it all up to the typical Democrat vs. Republic rivalry or just trying to keep their funding (and/or services). And Trump does say he's pro-life, and he probably did somewhere promise to defund them or decrease it partially or whatever. (Still, protests are an overused waste of time. Just scream the loudest, and you'll always get what you want! Sigh.)

It's just so extremely exhausting having to constantly see in all media, even entertainment (especially!), political haranguing. Over a four-year job! Four years! And they act like the world is ending. They literally complain (and protest) about everything. Oh, BTW, the fourth year is almost always wasted on further campaigning. (And they waste like $200 million to run! But the job is only roughly $400k per year. Seriously, attack ads are a waste of money and aren't even true most of the time. All of that wasteful b.s. needs to go away permanently. But no one ever focuses on the actual livelihood of the people, it's always nonsense issues that will never change or get fixed. Or military, 'cause that's surely not a waste of billions of dollars, ugh.)

Sorry, but after like the tenth protest, and reading long lists of complaints (which have zero to do with any actual decisions or judgements, plus have zero chance of ever being solved by literally anyone), it's hard to care anymore. And coordinated attacks on various politicians make it a horrible (and unstable) world, yet the mainstream media is either chief instigator or else willingly cooperating with such destruction. (Truly, anyone in power or anyone rich or famous is always a target, especially conservatives.) They love a good crucifixion! Yes, they abhor some people that badly, and no, I don't think most of the targets deserve death or ostracism or bankruptcy or lifelong career unemployment. Seriously, some people actively want to punish or destroy so many others, usually based upon (almost) nothing (and sadly without a fair trial, empty accusations are too cheap to rely upon, public opinion is irrelevant). It's more than absurd, it's psychotic.

Hey, I'm very naive, can't you tell? I don't have any influence at all. It's just depressing. Everything is outrage culture these days, and every issue/topic is treated like "life or death". I mentioned the IMDb forums being shut down. Even there (forum for entertainment, tv/movies) it was extremely toxic, lots of anger/hatred, libel, even character assassination. I'd almost guarantee that the lawyers had to get involved, it truly was that bad. I joked that I was going to write a book: "Everybody's Crazy (and I Can Prove It!)" with that being one of the chapters. Everything is politicized these days, and it's just rotten. It's very easy for everything good to be burned to the ground by such psychos, but I guess good solutions are harder than they sound.


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