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more irrelevant trivia (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 11.10.2018, 17:28

> Sarah Chalke (from tv show Scrubs) is Canadian (now American?), but her
> mother is from Germany.

She was also in Roseanne, even the recent reboot. I guess you heard (maybe not) that they canceled that reboot (despite popularity and success) because the main star made an "offensive" tweet [Twitter] (about some obscure political person I'd never heard of, some lady from [dead/irrelevant] previous Obama administration). Of course, they've recently decided to retool it to "The Connors" and bring it back (yet again) with the main character being declared dead. I guess at least that way they're not punishing the rest of the cast (and themselves, the tv network) with loss of income over one person's alleged sin.

I barely watched that show (decades ago), never saw the reboot, but it feels like unnecessary drama. And I'm sure you're aware of other punishments having been doled out in recent years to various people (one Hollywood director, one radio host, and many more). It seems this is the new norm, self-described radicals organize to try to get fired those with whom they disagree. Oh, and publicly demonize their reputation in the process.

I'm not directly familiar with Rules for Radicals nor Hillary's senior thesis. It might be unfair to say she agrees with these tactics. But, generally speaking, they are used quite a bit when people are a bit impatient or angry over the status quo. And I don't think the ends justify the means, obviously. It's not necessarily totally psychotic, but in such a messy world it feels like no one cares about diplomacy or truth or patience. Some people really are out for blood.


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