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RxDOS 7.24 release (Announce)

posted by cm(R) Homepage E-mail, Düsseldorf, Germany, 11.10.2018, 18:15

> > Is there something i'm missing? Or is it a bug?
> Looks like a bug. What kind of machine do you use?
> I'll try booting off a diskette later today. If that doesn't reproduce the
> bug, we'll have to think about debugging on your end. Are you familiar with
> (MS-DOS or FreeDOS) DEBUG? My lDebug (based on FreeDOS's) can boot and thus
> be used to debug a kernel.

I actually was able to reproduce this (or, at least, a similar bug) when booting off a diskette on my physical DOS machine (a 686). Booting from a diskette image in dosemu2 however did not cause this bug to happen.

I uploaded a prerelease snapshot of the fixed version (early 7.25 now) to Please try out this one. (You don't have to run instsect again, but if you do want to, you should run "rxdos instsect A:" instead of plain instsect.)



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