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Necromancer's Dos Navigator (Announce)

posted by KormaX(R), 12.10.2018, 10:57

Long mode doesn't have a v86 mode or any counterpart of it, but until you have all your 64 bit codes executing on the non-first CPU-s, you don't even need one, while the v86 is still available on your first CPU as traditional.

I started it, but, well, you can just see, how long time passed until I even aswer your post. This is the main problem: time. SeaBIOS is exactly how you described it, it can be compiled as UEFI CSM module, it is ALMOST I am looking for, and it can easily be modified for my porpuses, the main problem is that I have to do it carefully. I want to make something forward compatible, I mean something, which will not cause difficulties for developers. For short I want to extend DMMI with primitive multifiber capabilities and reuse SeaBIOS components as a standard IO - UEFI interface, but I need to achieve this goals so that it will not interfere with other programs or it will be sh*t and unusable, and also I want it easily extendable. Just to give you an example: I can use memory contexts but only in one-to-one correspondence with the physical CPU-s. So I will NOT include preemptive multitasking, because it would require codes for dynamically switching between memory contexts, a well written scheduler, virtualization and effective communication between programs. It could be done, but not by me, at least not with my present knowledge. But I can do my job so that if anyone ever wants to make it, can do it for a comfortable API, and not for a complete garbage. A garbage can also work well, but not extendable. This is why I stopped working and will only sit down to write the whole thing after I have exact plans for every components, and not just "let's make it work somehow". Michael Chourdakis have made most of the job with 64 and 32 bit multi CPU programming and even virtualization, but it must be reorganized. And also I have to consult with Japheth for any possibility of including HX.DOS compatibility, but now I don't have anything to consult about :D And I have no idea when will I have.

DOS isn't about why. It's about why not.


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