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EMS64 - EMS 4.0 simulator (Announce)

posted by CandyMan(R), 13.10.2018, 22:35
(edited by CandyMan on 14.10.2018, 09:13)

> 1. Uninstall works, but the driver uninstalles even if there is still EMS
> memory allocated. This shouldn't be.
> 2. Page frame address is just paragraph aligned ( according to docs
> "should" be 16 kB aligned ). Some programs won't run in such an
> environment.
> 3. The driver assumes that it is the only consumer of RAM beyond the 4 GB
> boundary. That's a bit reckless, for example there's CWSDPMI v7, which may
> also use this RAM ( via PSE ). The driver should intercept Int 15, ax=e820h
> and ensure that the memory it used is no longer reported as "available".
Your suggestions were considered. Thanks.


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