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NTVDMx64 for Win7/8/10 x64 (Announce)

posted by DosFreak(R), 18.10.2018, 11:54
(edited by Rugxulo on 18.10.2018, 13:12)

> There is also:
> which seems to be a direct port of NTVDM to 64-bit Win 10 / 8 / 7, but I
> can't get it to compile to try it out. Is anyone able to compile this
> successfully on Win 10 x64?
> I have successfully used NTVDM in 32-bit Windows 7, and it runs textmode
> 16-bit DOS applications, but does not support any graphics whatsoever.
> What would help SO much is if there is a FULLSCREEN 9x16 text mode
> capability for native 64-bit windows, which there seems to NOT be.
> The only way I've gotten fullscreen (ie, 720x350) DOS 80x25 text to work
> correctly is using Win 7 32-bit and the changing the graphics driver to
> generic VGA. Using any Intel drivers, etc will NOT work for fullscreen at
> all. It seems to be artifically disabled, fullscreen mode is intentionally
> disable on x64 Windows and all Intel graphics chipsets. A real pity.

If using Windows 7 and you have Windows XP drivers for the video card then you can install those for fullscreen mode with NTVDM.


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