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Cabextract version 1.8 available (port) (Announce)

posted by rr(R) Homepage E-mail, Berlin, Germany, 30.10.2018, 19:28

On 30 October 2018 I finished my 32-bit DOS port of Stuart Caie's Cabextract version 1.8 using Open Watcom C/C++ version 1.9.

Binaries, user manuals in ASCII format, and fully configured sources plus some simple instructions on how to rebuild are available at

Cabextract changes since my last port (version 1.4):
New in 1.8
* cabextract -f now extracts even more badly damaged files than before

New in 1.7
* cabextract now supports an --encoding parameter, to specify the character
  encoding of CAB filenames if they are not ASCII or UTF8
* cabextract -L now lowercases non-ASCII characters

New in 1.6
* cabextract now prevents archive files giving themselves absolute path access
  using badly UTF-8 encoded slashes.
* Because Cygwin allows both '/' and '\' as path separators, cabextract now
  removes both leading '/'s and '\'s and changes both "../" and "..\" in
  CAB filenames to "xx".  You can no longer have a CAB filename called e.g
  "\/t" (file "t" in the directory "\"). If you need this, create a CAB file
  where the filename is "./\/t" instead.

New in 1.5
* cabextract replaces bad Unicode characters in filenames with the
  standard Unicode replacement character
* wince_rename now puts files under the correct installation path
* Several crashes and hangs were found by Debian project members
  using the afl (American fuzzy lop) tool to generate corrupt
  cabinet files. These crashes and hangs have been fixed.

Tested according to Blackthorne (game), now freeware. :-D


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