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Gifsicle version 1.91 available (port) (Announce)

posted by rr(R) Homepage E-mail, Berlin, Germany, 01.11.2018, 19:11

On 31 October 2018 I finished my 32-bit DOS port of Eddie Kohler's Gifsicle version 1.91 using DJGPP version 2.05.

Binaries, user manuals in ASCII format, and fully configured sources plus some simple instructions on how to rebuild are available at

Gifsicle changes since my last port (version 1.78):
## Version 1.91 - 5.Jan.2018

* Several security bug fixes with malicious GIFs.

## Version 1.90 - 14.Aug.2017

* Kill a use-after-free error reported by @junxzm1990.

## Version 1.89 - 11.Jul.2017

* Add SIMD support for resizing. When enabled this improves resize
  performance enormously for complex resize methods.

* Add thread support for resizing. `-j[NTHREADS]` tells gifsicle to use
  up to NTHREADS threads to resize an input image. There are several
  caveats---multiple threads can be only used on unoptimized images.
  Thanks to Github user @wilkesybear.

* Quashed several crashes and undefined behaviors. Thanks to Github users
  including @pornel, @strazzere, and @b0b0505.

* Minor bug fixes.

## Version 1.88 - 1.Jul.2015

* Fix bug where long comments were read incorrectly. Reported by

* Add --no-ignore-errors option.

## Version 1.87 - 9.Dec.2014

* Always optimize as if the background is transparent. This fixes some
  rare bugs reported by Lars Dieckow.

* Fix --crop issue with must-be-preserved frames that are out of the
  crop window.

## Version 1.86 - 14.Oct.2014

* Further fix --rotate + --crop.

## Version 1.85 - 14.Oct.2014

* Greatly improve optimization time for images with many colors.

* Add --no-extensions (with the s) and document those options more.

* Fix bug in interaction of --resize and --rotate reported by Michal

## Version 1.84 - 29.Jun.2014

* Correct optimizer bug that affected GIFs with 65535 or more total
  colors. Reported by Jernej Simoncic.

## Version 1.83 - 21.Apr.2014

* Correct bug in custom gamma values reported by Kornel LesinĀ“ski.

* Update Windows build.

## Version 1.82 - 27.Mar.2014

* Correct bug in `mix` sampling method reported by Bryan Stillwell.

## Version 1.81 - 24.Mar.2014

* Correct bug in `mix` sampling method reported by Bryan Stillwell.

## Version 1.80 - 18.Mar.2014

* Bug fixes and improved error messages.

## Version 1.79 - 17.Mar.2014

* Major improvements in image scaling. Work sponsored by Tumblr via
  Mike Hurwitz.

  * Add new resize sampling methods `mix`, `box`, `catrom`, `mitchell`,
    `lanczos2`, and `lanczos3`, selectable by `--resize-method`. The
    `catrom` filter often gives good results; the slightly faster `mix`
    method (a bilinear interpolator) is now the default. These new
    sampling methods consider all of the image's input colors when
    shrinking the image, producing better, less noisy output for most

  * Add `--resize-colors`, which allows Gifsicle to enlarge the palette
    when resizing images. This is particularly important when shrinking
    images with small colormaps---e.g., shrinking a black-and-white
    image should probably introduce shades of gray.

* Support extensions such as XMP4 in which extension packet boundaries
  matter. Reported by `ata4`.

* Many bug fixes, especially to cropping. Thanks to Tumblr and to
  Bryan Stillwell, Tal Lev-Ami, "Marco," and others.


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