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Cabextract version 1.8 available (port) (Announce)

posted by rr(R) Homepage E-mail, Berlin, Germany, 02.11.2018, 17:42

> > Tested according to Blackthorne (game), now freeware.
> :-D
> You could also test the ancient DOS build of
> Oxford
> Oberon 1.4p2. It's inside a stupid Windows PE/CAB extractor, but it's
> a DJGPP build circa 2001. (Needs a bit of massaging to manually install,
> unfortunately.) I haven't tried with this particular version (yet?), but
> IIRC, I did use your older build of CabExtract in MetaDOS to test this
> compiler.

Step 1: Run `cabextract -d c:\obctmp obc1-4p2.exe'.
Step 2: Write `instobc.bat' to `c:\obctmp':
@echo off
set AppDir=c:\obc
if exist %AppDir% goto err_appdir
md %AppDir%
copy MSVS.DAT "%AppDir%\Oxford Oberon-2 Compiler.dat"
copy ARG1.___ %AppDir%\Args.m
copy ARGS.___ %AppDir%\Args.i
copy BI1.___ %AppDir%\Bit.m
copy BIT.___ %AppDir%\Bit.i
copy CON1.___ %AppDir%\Conv.m
copy CONV.___ %AppDir%\Conv.i
copy COROUTI1.___ %AppDir%\Coroutines.m
copy COROUTIN.___ %AppDir%\Coroutines.i
copy DO1.___ %AppDir%\Dos.m
copy DOS.___ %AppDir%\Dos.i
copy ER1.___ %AppDir%\Err.m
copy ERR.___ %AppDir%\Err.i
copy FAC.___ %AppDir%\Fac.m
copy FILE1.___ %AppDir%\Files.m
copy FILES.___ %AppDir%\Files.i
copy I1.___ %AppDir%\In.m
copy IN.___ %AppDir%\In.i
copy MAT1.___ %AppDir%\Math.m
copy MATH.___ %AppDir%\Math.i
copy MATH1.___ %AppDir%\MathL.m
copy MATHL.___ %AppDir%\MathL.i
copy OBC.___ %AppDir%\obc.exe
copy OBC1.___ %AppDir%\obc1.exe
copy OBDUMP.___ %AppDir%\obdump.exe
copy OBHEAD.___ %AppDir%\OBHEAD.EXE
copy OBLIB-B.___ %AppDir%\OBLIB-B.K
copy OBLIB.___ %AppDir%\OBLIB.K
copy OBLINK.___ %AppDir%\oblink.exe
copy OBPROF.___ %AppDir%\obprof.exe
copy OBX.___ %AppDir%\obx.exe
copy OU1.___ %AppDir%\Out.m
copy OUT.___ %AppDir%\Out.i
copy RANDO1.___ %AppDir%\Random.m
copy RANDOM.___ %AppDir%\Random.i
copy README.___ %AppDir%\README
copy STRING1.___ %AppDir%\Strings.m
copy STRINGS.___ %AppDir%\Strings.i
copy TIME1.___ %AppDir%\Timer.m
copy TIMER.___ %AppDir%\Timer.i
goto end
echo Error: %AppDir% must *not* exist! Aborting...
goto end
set AppDir=

Step 3: Run `instobc.bat'.
Step 4: Kill `c:\obctmp'.
Step 5: Enjoy Oberon!

> P.S. Why OpenWatcom and not DJGPP? Any obvious reason?

I don't remember.


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