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old Oxford Oberon for DOS (DJGPP build inside Win32 PE/CAB) (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 03.11.2018, 02:45

> set AppDir=c:obc
> if exist %AppDir% goto err_appdir
> md %AppDir%

I think you must also first "set OBC=g:\w\obc" (or whatever) if it's not the default of "c:\obc".

> copy ARG1.___ %AppDir%Args.m

You probably don't need to keep the *.m files installed if you already have the compiled code itself.

> copy FILE1.___ %AppDir%Files.m
> copy FILES.___ %AppDir%Files.i

A lot of these modules are non-standard. Well, Oberon is non-standard, so even simple things like "files" aren't standardized across compilers.

> copy I1.___ %AppDir%In.m
> copy IN.___ %AppDir%In.i

Even modules like In and Out aren't standard! I had to basically roll my own just to be compatible across different Oberon compilers. (And even there you have to be careful of dialects, bugs, omissions, etc.)

> copy OBX.___ %AppDir%obx.exe

Unlike newer versions, OBX.EXE is separate (but required) for each byte-compiled .EXE to run at all. And there is no JIT.

> Step 5: Enjoy Oberon!

This old one is non-commercial only (AFAIK) unlike newer Win32 builds. Also, I can't find the sources anyways. I think newer Win32 ones still run under HX (with old ReactOS 0.3.14's MSVCRT.DLL). XDS also runs under HX.

Oberon is an interesting language, but for Turbo Pascal or Modula-2 users, it may be less unique. It basically combines .def and .mod into one file, adds simple OOP ("type extension") in lieu of variant records, and garbage collection. Technically, these Wirth languages all have different advantages and disadvantages, but certainly FPC is very very good, so you can't really go wrong there.


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