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Catholic Bibles (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 03.11.2018, 15:42

Hey, I just wanted to be sympathetic, somewhat international, talk about languages, and enjoy some rock music! I didn't really want to get controversial or political. Honestly, I didn't even want to bring up religion since so many people online are secular and irreligious these days. I do want to keep the peace, but it's very hard sometimes.

(For the record I think secularism becomes its own religion, and politics is always the focus of secular power. It's very antagonistic by nature, so I'm not sympathetic. What, did you really want me to be the stereotypical patriotic American who shuns everyone else? America is not God! I doubt anybody on this forum thinks so either, but it's seriously annoying being constantly surrounded by such belligerence. Sigh, I guess it's easier to be humble when you're small and overlooked.)

> Is there an approved Catholic English translation at all?

A random (semi-related) search did find "Bible Versions and Commentaries" which explains some stuff fairly well. (I'm not a scholar, so a lot of that is over my head.)

Some other guy on FASM's forum (in Heap, aka off-topic subforum) mentioned Christ recently. I did search a bit for him, just for variety, and link to several online Bibles.

As much as I only want to need a single Bible translation, I think that's naive. Some translations just fall flat or don't convey what I remember. I remember some good quotes that just aren't nearly as effective in some translations. Some translations feel more watered down than others. Like Psalm 16:2, it varies noticeably. I guess that's how language works, some things are more obvious and relatable than others.

My Latin is too rusty (and was too weak anyways, they didn't press hard for such a dead language), so I don't read the Vulgate much (except for a lark) since it's fairly obscured. I only loosely know, being familiar with the English translation, what "Dixi Domino: 'Dominus meus es tu, bonum mihi non est sine te'" means.

I have an Esperanto Bible (La Sankta Biblio) that I bought, out of completeness, a few years ago. Since I had stopped regularly reading periodicals, I bought the book as a way to support the E-USA club. But I never read much from it. Honestly, it's an updated version with the Deutero-canonical books, so that's the only reason I bought it. I believe some of those were translated by Gerrit Berveling (Dutch dude). So, while probably not "official" status (imprimatur or whatever), I would prefer reading that over an obscured Latin translation (for fun, I mean, assuming faithfulness, gotta flex those language muscles).

James 5:16 (E-o): "Petego de justulo multe efikas per sia energio." (NABRE: "The fervent prayer of a righteous person is very powerful." Jen mian tradukachon: "La fervora pregho de obeanto havas grandan potencon.")

(Bah, I should quote Sirach, but Bible Gateway lacks those books, go figure.)

(BTW, I stopped being a member of ELNA/E-USA several years ago, mostly because I was burned out, less interested. I was never very active at all anyways, just mildly curious. UEA is located in .nl, too, but I was never a member there, nor IKUE, nor anything else. Like I said, I stopped subscribing and reading many periodicals, too. I still have a ton lying around, but "ne gravas!")

Okay, my copy is actually titled "_Biblio_". Editoris [redaktis?? ne el UV!] IKUE kaj KELI, eldonis KAVA-PECH (Chehhujo, .cz), presita sur papero (Germanujo, tiel nomata .de), kun la Duakanonaj Libroj tradukitaj de Gerrit Berveling, la unua eldono 2006 (sed mi achetis gin je 2012 au 2013 p.K., alproksimume).

Psalmo 16:2 : "Mi diris al la Eternulo: Vi estas mia Sinjoro; Mi ne havas alian bonon krom Vi."

Sirahhido 8:5 : "Ne hontigu iun, kiu sin forturnis de la peko: pripensu, ke ni chiuj estas punindaj." (NABRE: "Do not reproach one who turns away from sin; remember, we all are guilty." Jen mian tradukachon: "Ne mallaudu personon, kiu ekforlasas pekecon; memoru, ke ni chiuj ofte havas kulpecon.")


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