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MTRRLFBE 1.5 (Announce)

posted by Zyzzle(R), 13.11.2018, 05:13

> St.Martin didn't ride on a white horse (sorry snow is under progress :) but
> after an endless years I finished a new release of my MTRRLFBE and VESATEST
> utility. I just got some NV GTX670 sh!t with artifacts even in 2D mode and
> sometime in textmode. I tried it with VESATEST and found that MTRR W-C was
> not set properly because of MTRR range overlap/conflict. Despite my quick
> hack. So I tried to handle it more deeply so desired setting could be
> reached. Then I pushed 2,8GB/s out of this beast. I hope that my changes
> didn't break old working machines. Just try. There's /d debug switch so you
> can see detailed MTRRs settings and changes that my program does.

This is truly a gift! For years I had thought either there was some sort of bug in MTRRLFBE and all other WC-enabling programs (FastVid, etc) since my screaming i7-5500 laptop couldn't set WC no matter what I tried.

Today, I went from 108 MB / sec to 10.6 GB per sec for mode 417fd which is 1366x768x32 on the (integrated, onboard Intel HD5500 chipset).

Wow, now the graphics scream as they should and Write Combining is properly enabled in DOS. Thanks so much for this fixing of "MTRE range conflict" which breathes new life into a rather new laptop for DOS use...


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