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New links for DOS. (Announce)

posted by bretjohn(R) Homepage E-mail, Rio Rancho, NM, 28.01.2019, 19:15

> Wheelk was discused here some years ago. The problem is that it stops
> working when Links loads. It works only in SOME dos programs but not
> Links... I expect when Q2DOS implemented wheel support it shouldn't be
> hard to add it in Links too.

Actually, WHEELK will stop working when ANY program that natively knows how to use a mouse is loaded. The problem is not with WHEELK itself, but is a problem in the way the mouse interface is designed. You should be able to get WHEELK to work if you temporarily "shell" out to DOS, re-initialize WHEELK, and then exit back to the program again (I don't know if LINKS has a "shell" option/feature that would allow this or not). A PITA I realize, but something that is very difficult to avoid simply because of the way the mouse interface is designed. You are correct that it shouldn't be too difficult to add wheel support to any program that is still being updated and already knows how to use a mouse, including LINKS.

> Also Wheelk only supports two keystrokes as legacy interface, but for a
> multitude of programs different keystrokes are better. For Links, for
> example, p and l are the scrolling keys. An external driver sould be
> adjustable for applications and also should access the wheel on its own
> instead of depending on CTMOUSE, which I, personally don't even use. It is
> good and small, but I experienced some compatibility problems with it.

I agree, WHEELK should support options for different keystrokes. You can talk to the author about that.

As far as WHEELK not depending on CTMOUSE for wheel functions, that's simply not possible, again because of the way the mouse interface is designed. You're not using CTMOUSE, but you are using some other mouse driver (most likely one from Microsoft or Logitech) that doesn't, and will probably never, have wheel support. CTMOUSE specifically and uniquely added support for a scroll wheel and no other DOS mouse driver does it. If you want to use a wheel in DOS you have no viable choice in today's world except CTMOUSE. So, unless you're willing to create your own driver or update CTMOUSE yourself, you're kind of stuck with CTMOUSE as it is. I do wish the CTMOUSE interface would be updated again to support a second (horizontal) wheel and possibly additional buttons as well, since some modern mice (especially USB mice) have those features.


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