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New links for DOS. (Announce)

posted by Ninho(R) E-mail, 04.02.2019, 11:11

Hi! Thanks for trying WheelK & more thanks for reporting about yr experience
and wishes !

> Also Wheelk only supports two keystrokes as legacy interface, but for a
> multitude of programs different keystrokes are better. For Links, for
> example, p and l are the scrolling keys.

Well it's been 2 (?) years and counting since I released wheelk, & this is
all but the 1st time I hear back from a user ! That had led me to conclude that either all users were content, or that WheelK did not have any users (the latter being really a subcase of the former, as logics teaches us).

Thus your desires shall be my order, time and health allowing.
But 1st thing first, as I don't have DOSlinks : are the desired keys really :'p' for up / 'l' (down), no typo ? Please confirm !

Asking because I'm aware of some old-style uniXish programs using letterkeys from the center of the standard kbd for a fake arrow-pas ( Y G H B ?) ...
P/L look like queer choices somehow, but should you confirm that is what 'links' wants, so be it...

Since I want to keep it KISSSS°, I think I shall be giving WheelK a closed
choice of up/down key pairs, selected at the command line, like so :
/0 : temp. disable wheelk
/1 : up/down arrows (standard)
/2 : PgUp/PgDn 'fast' arrows
/3 : y/b or whatever the common (Unix) standard for fake pad asks for
/4 : p/l ? (DOS Links)
... more ?

° keep it oh!so small, simple, stupid :=)



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