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Page thru Boot & SSL Mail Client (Users)

posted by jwells222(R), 16.02.2019, 16:43

I have two questions:
When I boot DOS 6.22, a lot of routines happen very quickly after the memory check, and by the time I get to the C:> prompt, I can't view all of the messages to see if there are any errors. Is there a way to page through the startup process so I can actually see all of the messaging?

Also, I'm looking for a DOS e-mail client that can actually connect to Arachne won't because I think you need to connect over SSL, which Arachne can't do. The only SSL capable e-mail client I can find is FLMAIL (same developer as DilloDOS). That program can be very slow to download because of the way it processes mail (I believe it tries to render everything in HTML). I could live with that, but when I attempt to send an e-mail, the program crashes. So, it's of limited use. From what I can tell, all the other e-mail clients cannot do SSL, or are otherwise incapable of connecting to comcast. I'm fine if its text only. My setup is:

MS-DOS 6.22 via VirtualBox 6
MSClient 3.0 w/PCNTND.DOS and NWLink IPX compatiable transport protocol
Packet Driver: DIS_PKT9.COM

Any suggestions?

Many thanks!!!!!!!


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