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Page thru Boot & SSL Mail Client (Users)

posted by Oso2k(R), 16.02.2019, 19:36

> I have two questions:
> When I boot DOS 6.22, a lot of routines happen very quickly after the
> memory check, and by the time I get to the C:> prompt, I can't view all of
> the messages to see if there are any errors. Is there a way to page
> through the startup process so I can actually see all of the messaging?

In MS-DOS 6.0+, you can enter a "Step-by-Step" boot mode that will let you see the boot messages.

> Also, I'm looking for a DOS e-mail client that can actually connect to
> Arachne won't because I think you need to connect over SSL,
> which Arachne can't do. The only SSL capable e-mail client I can find is
> FLMAIL (same developer as DilloDOS). That program can be very slow to
> download because of the way it processes mail (I believe it tries to render
> everything in HTML). I could live with that, but when I attempt to send an
> e-mail, the program crashes. So, it's of limited use. From what I can
> tell, all the other e-mail clients cannot do SSL, or are otherwise
> incapable of connecting to comcast. I'm fine if its text only. My setup
> is:
> MS-DOS 6.22 via VirtualBox 6
> MSClient 3.0 w/PCNTND.DOS and NWLink IPX compatiable transport protocol
> Packet Driver: DIS_PKT9.COM

It's been a long, long time since I've set up an email client on DOS. But, you might want to try Pegasus or Pine or one of the applications here or here.


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