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Javascript for DOS (Announce)

posted by KormaX(R), 17.02.2019, 12:17

"why anyone would want JS capability in DOS which would by its very nature open one up to the possibility of malicious code execution."


To execute malicious code on DOS you only need to COPY CON some ASCII characters into a .COM file and execute it. I don't think it requires JS or anything like that. Furthermore, the actual, existing, real-life malicious JS programs would mostly still live us alone on DOS -- except for anoying commercials and other s**t -- even if we had a fully fuctional JS capable browser. Do not forget that most malware targets things which are still not exist on DOS. For example we could browse russian adult sites more comfortable way than we can do now, but still at the same security level, because malware scripts will never find a modifyable registry... well it will not find any registry at all, than it could sadly try to convince the browser to get hijacked, but if the browser itself does not even understand what the virus wats from it, it is just a waste of energy too. A malware for DOS should target specific browsers, what creators of commercial malwares would never waste energy for. And even if they did, we could easily backup and restore our JS enabled browser, or we can execute it from RAM-disk.

Actually DOS is secure because it is not normally a target.

DOS isn't about why. It's about why not.


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