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DX64 - open source 64-bit ring 0 dos extender (Announce)

posted by CandyMan(R), 25.02.2019, 11:42
(edited by CandyMan on 25.02.2019, 12:00)

DX64 - open source 64-bit dos extender with a few examples how to use it.
Executables (ADAM format) can be compressed by 32LITE, UPX or LPACK.
To recompile sources you need modified by me FASM/VASM assembler.
There are four versions of the dos extender (two with support for 1GB
pages or not, and two as an external|internal stub-loader).
Choose the one that suits you.

It is possible to download files from (search DX64.7Z, FASM*.7Z files):

Have fun.


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