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Javascript for DOS (Announce)

posted by Oso2k(R), 25.02.2019, 18:50

> > How would you call JS interpreter externaly from browser when it would
> need
> > to do some visual changes on displayed page? I cannot imagine other use
> > than direct integration to links but with new versions you will have to
> > integrate it again and again...
> Just like how Arachne uses its APM packages, except, that Links does not
> have Dos Gateway Interface, so you are required to load the modified
> webpage manually... or you don't return to Links until you finish with the
> JS webpage. And this is what I originally thoughed about. Mikulas added a
> function that saves the clipboard to a file, so its content is accessible
> from DOS. If you have the proper batch file, AND the JS interpreter itself
> has its own WATTCP (or another internet access) implementation, it opens
> your webpage, you can do stuff in it than terminate it and go back to
> Links. The other option is to re-render the webpage over and over again,
> when a JS fuction is needed. This works, the old WebAccessGateway did this,
> and it still could, just no server uses it anymore. On a clien machine,
> however, it would be very uncomfortable.
> By the way, I use the "magnet:" protocol as a limited DGI, because I
> created a .bat file which is added in Links as the magnet-program, but the
> .bat itself only forwards the text coming after "magnet: " as a command to
> the OS. Than I have standard names for stuff according to what am I
> planning to do with the data and have batch files for them. For Youtube
> videos, for example, I download the video page as Z:watch.htm (Z: is my
> RAM-disk) then I write "magnet: youtube 1 - " as URL. Than Links forwards
> "YOUTUBE 1 - " to COMMAND.COM which executes YTCRACK on Z:watch.html
> resulting Z:YOUTUBE.HTM, which contains the video file URL's in order to
> download them. It is designed to be displayed in a browser, originally in
> Arachne, I think, but my batch file, with this command line arguments, doen
> not do it, instead, it immediately executes my small C++ stuff, which finds
> the 640:480 or 640:360 version in it and leaves only that URL in the file,
> and nothing more. Then, WGET is immediately called to download the file as
> Z:1.1, which is then automatically renamed to %1.mp4. Then mplayer for
> Windows is loaded with DPMILD32.EXE to play Z:%1.mp4 with SDL output and
> 640:360 mode. All this happens when you download the actual page as
> Z:watch.html and then go to "magnet: youtube X - ", and you watch the
> video. Then you get back to the browser. This is only an example that of
> you are creative, you can take advantage on a lot of things. An external JS
> executer could be designed similarly. :)

Do you have your batch file available anywhere to download?


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