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Youtube package (Announce)

posted by KormaX(R), 16.03.2019, 15:28

Greetings, people of DOS!

Oso2k asked me to shere the scripting I am using to watch Youtube videos in my everyday life. With this, you can watch most Youtube videos by downloading the video page with Links browser and then going to a URL similar to: "magnet: youtube 1 ". Then Youtube video is - mostly - automatically played under the control of this script.

Now I am not shure it deserves a new entry because it does not contain very much actual programming from (except the few executables for some string operations), nor any revolutionary, but maybe its useful for someone because it is already done so noone must write it again. All this is a result of a dynamic evolution, basically, if I get a new tool, I add/remove/modify something so the hardest part was extracting these things and comment so that it can be useful on any other installation. Most of the executables are not mine, and probably most of you have a copy of those. The few self-made once are just simply, tiny and primitive as a batch file, so anyone can easily read, modify and re-compile them for different purposes even if they do not normally write programs. The actual "library" (the actual executable from various developers) this scripting uses is inside the package, except HX.DOS.

Forgive me for two things:

1. The page I use to share this package is very old, free, and not meant to host large files. I needed to cut my file into pieces. If anyone can host the file anywhere else, I'll be happy.

2. Instead of some stand-alone version I hard commented the batch files, but the content is mostly left as it was. It may be uncomfortable when installing, but everyone has the freedom to integrate the script into their own system as they want.


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