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Youtube package (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 18.03.2019, 09:49

> Oso2k asked me to shere the scripting I am using to watch Youtube videos in
> my everyday life. With this, you can watch most Youtube videos by
> downloading the video page with Links browser and then going to a URL

I'll look closer at this later (hopefully), but I've never done much multimedia in DOS (never bothered with MPlayer, for instance). Usually I watch YouTube on Linux (laptop, rarely) or Android (tablet, frequently).

Have you seen or tried YTCrack (last updated Jan. 2019)?

EDIT: Yes, you mention YTCrack (or even rely upon it??). But it's too confusing, you rely on too many external files. It would be easier to just upload your .BATs all in one .ZIP and have a "readme" textfile that points to the URLs of where to get various third-party .EXEs (unless you rebuilt them yourself or they aren't available elsewhere online). Yeah, dependencies suck.


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