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Youtube package (Announce)

posted by KormaX(R), 18.03.2019, 16:20

".BATs all in one .ZIP and have a <<readme>> textfile that points to the URLs of where to get various third-party .EXEs" -- That's not my way :D I can not rely on anyone else hosting the library my script or binary depends on. I can either create a fully portable version -- which I may crate, if you want, so you simply extract the directory structure and it works immediately -- but that means you perhaps have redundant executables until you eliminate those redundacies, or I can give an "importable" stuff, which I actually did. I thoughed it is a good idea since Links can not be configured automatically so the user must do at least that manually. However, again, if you think it would be better, I create an alternative, portable package. The real problem is, as I said before, all my things are evolving permanently. My YOUTUBE.BAT is already different :D And now that you informed me about the new YTCRACK version further changes may occure. Any time I publish something more than a simple standalone binary I must clean it from garbage and comment it well. Reading a separated but still understandable readme file for this particular thing is art. :D But I will try.

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