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trick for use gdrive in DOS (Users)

posted by KormaX(R), 17.04.2019, 11:10


Sorry for being late. I call it GDrive.exe, but this site renamed it... you can also renamed it as you wish. The only important thing is that your Google Drive URL must be saved in a file "Google.Drive". Sorry for the long filename, but it is compiled with DJGPP, so if no LFN driver is loaded on your DOS, probably "GOOGLE~1.DRI" will also work. The new url is simply appears as a standard output, you sould redirect it to a custom html file (for example "GDRIVE > 1.HTM). I use these utils in batch files as plugins for Links. For example I save my clipboard with the Googledrive URL as Google.Drive then execute the batch from Links with the "magnet: " trick, and then I open the newly created html file and follow the link to the file. This only works with files, Google does not provide direct URLs to directories.

> Yes, can you post this convert utility?
> Thanks
> Roberto

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