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DOSBox-x for DOS (Announce)

posted by KormaX(R), 29.04.2019, 15:23

For the Honour of DOS!

DOSBox-X build has a dedicated DOS version (MinGW). It's a DOS PE executable using HX extender. It's good to see that Japhet's product is actually a living thing and not only a "Wine for DOS" but actually targeted by developments.

The program is good, has some differences compared to Win32 builds on DOS, aspect ratios are well adjustable in fullscreen mode (which is the only mode
in the DOS version), and, since it is DOSBox-X, setings can by modified in fly with rolldown menus from CPU settings through graphics to sounds.

Still trying to integrate it into my DOS distribution, because it has some differences compared to v0.72 and v0.74. Less tinkering is required for the sound, the well known sound lag of the Win32 builds is not present on my chipset with high bitrate and the quality is really good compared to the "low bitrate" sound settings which most people tries first with the Win32 exes. However, when heavy stuff is happening, some artefacts may occure in the sound, so the optimal settings is still to be found.

Outputs sound through HX, so 2.17+ is required for modern sound cards.


DOS isn't about why. It's about why not.


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