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DOSBox-x for DOS (Announce)

posted by glennmcc(R) Homepage E-mail, North Jackson, Ohio (USA), 30.04.2019, 02:28

Please enlighten me....

For what purpose would dosbox be needed when booted to DOS ?

> For the Honour of DOS!
> DOSBox-X build has a dedicated DOS version (MinGW). It's a DOS PE
> executable using HX extender. It's good to see that Japhet's product is
> actually a living thing and not only a "Wine for DOS" but actually targeted
> by developments.
> The program is good, has some differences compared to Win32 builds on DOS,
> aspect ratios are well adjustable in fullscreen mode (which is the only
> mode
> in the DOS version), and, since it is DOSBox-X, setings can by modified in
> fly with rolldown menus from CPU settings through graphics to sounds.
> Still trying to integrate it into my DOS distribution, because it has some
> differences compared to v0.72 and v0.74. Less tinkering is required for the
> sound, the well known sound lag of the Win32 builds is not present on my
> chipset with high bitrate and the quality is really good compared to the
> "low bitrate" sound settings which most people tries first with the Win32
> exes. However, when heavy stuff is happening, some artefacts may occure in
> the sound, so the optimal settings is still to be found.
> Outputs sound through HX, so 2.17+ is required for modern sound cards.
> Here:



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