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crossdjgppv1 - Cross compiling environment to DJGPP v1 (Developers)

posted by neozeed(R), 05.06.2019, 02:21

> To whom it may concern:
> > Win32 hosted tools to cross compile to DJGPP v1 (go32) for MS-DOS. Now
> > includes GCC 1.27 aka the first version available to support the i386
> > processor.

I didn't think many would care, although out of historical interest it's cool to me to be able to actually use the first version of GCC that supports the 386.

I made some further updates to DooM to allow better use of the ASM code from fragments I found elsewhere online to build using only version 1.27 just git clone the individual project.

If I had more time/effort I'd love to figure out using 32bit opcodes in long mode, and some kind of basic thunking library to push 1.27 into Win64...


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